21st February 2003 by Derek Kite

This Week...

Highlighting large merges of Safari code, Xinerama support, msword filters and Kmail bugfixes. Kopete continues to be heavily developed, along with continuing work on Arts. Plus numerous bug fixes.
Klaas Freitag (freitag@suse.de) posted to kde-core-devel this note:
Kooka License Change

I am doing major changes to the OCR system of Kooka to support different OCR engines. One is the professional OCR engine KADMOS of a company called reRecognition. Kooka will be able to use it.

For that, it is necessary to change the license under which Kooka is distributed. I like to change it to be the GPL version 2 with two exceptions, that allow to link Kooka against the KADMOS OCR library of reRecognition without delivering the sourcecode of KADMOS in the source distribution. The same for any version of Qt.

The full license text for the source files can be seen under http://www.suse.de/~freitag/newlic.txt

Are there objections or comments?
Marc Mutz responded:
Stating the obvious: You need of course to obtain permission from every contributor to kooka that has a copyright on parts of the code for a license change. The KDE rule of "no objection means go ahead" doesn't hold here.
Any who have contributed to this particular code may want to contact Klaas Freitag.

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