There are many ways to help the KDE Commit-Digest by contributing your time, effort, or money...



Editors finalise selected commits, format them for presentation, and write the weekly synopsis.

Commit Reviewer

Commit Reviewers look at all the recent commits, selecting those which are significant and interesting enough to be included into the weekly Commit-Digest.

Commit Classifier

Commit Classifiers sort the selected commits into areas (which is partly automated), and by type (such as bug fix, feature, etc).


If you are unable to help the KDE Commit-Digest by donating your time and effort, you can still show your appreciation and support the ongoing work by donating money.

And Finally...

Even if you can't contribute time, effort, or money in support, your enjoyment of the KDE Commit-Digest is contribution enough, and leaves us with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside!

Spread the word about KDE and the Commit-Digest by using the "share" links in the sidebar of each Digest.

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