9th May 2003 by Derek Kite

This Week...

KOffice developers add a number of templates to Kspread, and work towards Excel compatibility. KStars now has interface to telescope hardware. Kwin and Kdesktop fine tuning continues. Work continues on freedesktop.org standards implementation.
It all started when Mickael Marchand committed a change to kdebase/kdesktop
fixed patch from Sven Leiber <s.leiber@web.de> add a browse button to minicli

Diffs: 1, 2
Dawit Alemayehu responded, and reverted the patch.
This completely breaks the current minicli behavior. Arrow navigation does not work. The completion items weight value is displayed in the completion object. IOW it is completely foobar 'ed.

It more just a matter of resource usage here. It is a fundamental breakage Minicli behavior to use KURLRequester. :) ... As such I am going to I am going to try and explain the problem in detail so that both of you as well as all the people that requested/wanted such feature can understand. ...
  1. As David already explained once Minicli is used it remains in memory so long as kdesktop is active. As such it needs to be as lean and as efficient as possible. That is why we have some convenient features such as "instant-feedback" where the icon changes to indicate whether what you typed is valid or not. That even works with directories. Simply put we go to great lengths to locate and identify the users input. Perhaps this is one of the hidden features that people are not really familiar with.
  2. KURLRequester uses KURLCompletion for providing completions. KURLCompletion only provides completions for directories, files and executables for all protocols that support listing. The problem is Minicli is not simply used for directory/path navigation. It is not even intended to be a navigational tool. You can type remote addresses (e.g. www.kde.org), web shortcuts (e.g. gg:KDE), shell commands(e.g ls) amongst other things. KURLCompletion does not provide completions for none of that. Only its generic parent KCompletion supports that which is used by KHistoryComboBox. Why is this ? Well KURLRequester is a navigation tool that originated in KFileDialog and hence has no need to provide support for features Minicli does and vise-versa. Do you now understand what you broke ? Carsten had to basically provide a workaround to make both these completions work in Konqueror and for reasons stated above (#1), this is not really an option for Minicli. The TODO item on my list will only be implemented if I can find an efficient way to add such support without either breaking the current behavior or unduly increasing resource usage.
Others then commented. Carsten Pfeiffer said:
One thing would be to factor out the completion code from konq and use it in minicli as well. Not sure if you want all the history urls for completion in minicli tho...
Lubos Lunak responded:
I do ;).

(No wait, I actually don't. I'd want minicli to offer same completion items like konqueror, but those completion items shouldn't be history URLs, they should be only URLs explicitly typed.
Alexander Kellett then added:
another thing i'd love to see is for ctrl-o in konqi to have the same completion mechanism as the location bar has.
Mickael Marchand also made the comment when asked why this was committed:
because it was posted and -noone- answered. if you don't like patches send to the lists, comment on them and explain why.
David Faure said in response:
Please mail the _maintainer_, or kde-core-devel (for kdelibs/kdebase code). I don't have time to read kde-devel anymore, unfortunately (and I think Dawit neither).
Dawit Alemayehu confirmed this
Thanks David. This indeed applies to me too. I have not read kde-devel in ages. I do not have time for it.
Two things become apparent. First, the developers are conscious of performance and resource usage. Second, the mailing lists are not read by all the developers. As Chris Howells said:
I would much rather that an item was opened in bugzilla for such patches.

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