13th June 2003 by Derek Kite

This Week...

We see new Kontact plugins for summary, notes and newsticker. Koffice has improved import and export filters, plus template loading from the command line. An improvement in speed for Konqueror file and image viewing. Also, KDE crash handler Dr Konqi hooks to Kdevelop for debugging. Improvements to Kdeprint, KGhostview, and user interface cleanups. And numerous bug fixes.
Over the last couple of weeks, the focus seems to have changed from new features to finishing touches. This is evident by the optimizations and usability tweaks committed. Ian Reinhart Geiser changed a number of .ui files throughout KDE, with this explanation:
This is a cleanup/fix of all ui files in kdebase. We have the ability to use the standard KDE spacing and margins. From what I could tell was 99% of the people had these nubmers already hardcoded and we should not see any difference.

I was able to test and it looks like everything is normal here. If there are any issues or if I horribly broke someone's layout please do not revert! Just touch them up with designer and let me know. This was done to cleanup the UI to ensure layouts are always consistent, and to allow me to use some layout hacks for small screens. More on this later, but the bottom line here is standard stuff is cool.
To accomplish this, these lines were added to the .ui file, in the <UI> section:
<include location="global" impldecl="in implementation">kdialog.h</include>

<layoutfunctions spacing="KDialog::spacingHint" margin="KDialog::marginHint"/>
Here is an example of one of the .ui files changed, /kdevelop/lib/project/makeoptionswidgedbase.ui. QT Designer saves it's forms in ui files, which use an XML format to represent form elements and their characteristics. Every .ui file is converted by the uic (user interface compiler) into a C++ .h file and a C++ .cpp file. These C++ files are then read by moc (meta object compiler), and finally compiled into a working application, or the forms can be sub classed as desired. The QT documentation explains it very well. http://doc.trolltech.com/3.1/designer-manual.html
Another change was made throughout the KDE code base by Nadeem Hasan. KLineEditDlg was replaced with KInputDialog. The class was introduced on kde-core-devel in this thread. From the thread comes this description:
It is a KDE class and hence fits better in KDE look and feel (e.g. icons on buttons).

The KInputDialog class provides a simple dialog to get a single value from the user. The value can be a string, a number (either an integer or a float) or an item from a list. This class is designed to be source compatible with @ref QInputDialog.
According to the Koffice 1.3 release plan, since June 10 Koffice is now frozen, bug fixes only. In a week or so, beta 2 will be packaged and distributed for testing.
Waldo Bastian put together some statistics:
The last 30 days 274 cvs accounts have been used for commits.
415 cvs accounts have been used for commits since tracking started.
(333 cvs accounts the last 60 days, 375 cvs account the last 90 days)
At my place of employment, we are heading into our busy period. We generate about 1/3 of our revenue for the year over the next two months. It is my intention to keep producing the Cvs-Digest weekly, but there may be some weeks missed, or the quality may diminish somewhat due to lack of time or just plain exhaustion. I will keep you informed, and I appreciate your forbearance. Thanks to Stephan Binner for pointing out mistakes and omissions. The help is very much appreciated.

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