6th May 2005 by Derek Kite

This Week...

HTML to SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) working in kttsd. KStars adds ability to save observing lists. Add support for opening OASIS templates directly with a KOffice application.
On Monday, May 2 Stephan Kulow announced the following:
To my standards the subversion conversion is good enough now and the efforts Oswald and me put into cleaning up the history were really worth it.

So today 5pm CEST is the moment I want to make cvs.kde.org readonly, do the final conversion and open svn.kde.org when the conversion is done. You can continue working, but you will have to collect patches for the next hours (I plan with 24 hours starting this afternoon, but I won't give guarantees - correction before deadlines).

As soon as svn.kde.org is online, you will have to re-checkout from subversion, copy over your changes and commit. Then you can safely remove your cvs checkout. Some instructions on how to use the KDE subversion tree can be found at http://developer.kde.org/documentation/tutorials/subversion/

Please be aware that the next days will see a lot of further cleanup and perhaps some moving around (for example kde-i18n-doc discussed a cleanup). So if you're on a slow line, you might want to stay offline with your changes until the situation stabilized. This is an unique moment within KDE's history, so please bear with minor problems - we tried hard to minimize them.
And on May 4...
The conversion finally suceeded and you can from now on commit into svn.kde.org. For those that requested a rename of the account name, please make sure you use the new one.

Please report problems with subversion to the right mailing lists or sysadmin@kde.org.
Ever wondered what would happen if a bunch of KDE developers decided to check out the source tree at the same time? Well, it happened. The server got rather overloaded, and David Faure pleaded: http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-core-devel&m=111521109713968&w=2
As planned, everyone is checking out from SVN on the first day, so the SVN server is completely overloaded and slow. Don't blame the svn implementation itself for being slow, it's really the load on the server that is the problem, due to the number of concurrent accesses.

If you haven't started checking out things yet, well, please consider postponing it a little bit; meanwhile you can still work with the readonly CVS and prepare patches. Things are so bad right now that we sysadmins can't fix things up where needed without waiting ages between each command :/
Eventually things settled down. Source tarballs were made available that could be downloaded instead of checking out from the Subversion server. Dirk Mueller added an anonsvn server to share the load:
For anonymous checkout, please use svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/ as the base of your SVN repository URL. It is currently synced with svn.kde.org every two hours, but as soon as the dust from all the script breakages starts to settle we'll implement a push mechanism so that both repositories are in perfect sync all the time. For the next few days you have to live with the delay of 2 hours (which was the same with anoncvs.kde.org as well).

You can also browse the repository via http://websvn.kde.org/. There is a problem with checking out revisions and diffs currently, I'm working on that as soon as more mission-critical scripts are working.

Thanks again for your patience and thanks a lot for not putting additional pressure on svn.kde.org.
Joern Ahrens announced that digiKam 0.7.3-beta2 is out for your image management pleasure.
The digiKam team is pleased to announce the new 0.7.3-beta2 release.

About digiKam

digiKam is a digital photograph management application for KDE, which makes importing and organizing digital photos a "snap". The photos can be organized in albums which can be sorted chronologically, by directory layout or by custom collections. Additionally images can be tagged and these tagged images can be viewed in virtual albums.

An easy to use interface is provided that enables you to connect to your camera and preview, download and/or delete your images.

digiKam includes a fast Image Editor with a few advanced image editing tools. You can use the Image Editor to view your photographs and to make corrections and alterations. A stand alone version of image editor named ShowFoto is also available.

Note to packagers: showfoto program is independant of digiKam core. digiKam is only require during showfoto compilation, but shofoto program have none depency with digiKam.

What's new in 0.7.3-beta2
  • Showfoto: add image properties dialog like in digiKam, add RMB menu, Move to trash/Delete File option, add setup dialog, add new option to toogle thumbbar in fullscreen mode, DigikamImagePlugins support, load/unload plugins dynamicly in according with setup, add statusbar, add splashscreen support, add resize image option, add Print capability, add Key shortcuts and toolbar configuration settings, add Edit/copy action, Undo/Redo actions, add showfoto icon, GUI improvements.
  • Image filters levels and curves adjustments : add option to see over-exposed pixels in preview effect (like with Acdsee(tm) tools).
  • Image histogram : color guide tool.
  • Image filters levels and curves adjustments : mouse tracking picker color like in Gimp and Photoshop(tm).
  • Patch from Alfons Hoogervorst about histogram visible while viewing photo in digiKam image editor and showfoto using blending.
  • digiKam Splashscreen from Andreas Fischer.
  • showfoto Splashscreen from Joern Ahrens.
  • Added a history based undo/redo function. The undo/redo icons in the toolbar are popup-menus, which describes the actions on the image.
  • Add a new button to the album properties which calculates the average date of the images in the album based on the EXIF headers or the modification date of the images if the exif headers are not available. It sets the date property of the album to the average date.
  • New digiKam image editor plugin for black and white conversion :
    • Since digikam include colors channel mixer, using this one for BW conversion. Give best results than old implementation. BW conversion are based on gimpguru.org tutorial (http://www.gimpguru.org/Tutorials/Color2BW).
    • This plugin have a dialog with preview effect.
    • B&W filters available are : Neutral B&W, B&W with Green filter(NEW), B&W with Orange filter(NEW), B&W with Red filter(NEW), B&W with Yellow filter(NEW), Sepia, Brown, Cold, Selenium, Platinum.

You can download digiKam-0.7.3-beta2 tarball at this url:
Jesper K. Pedersen announced a new version of KimDaBa:

After approximately half a year of development, a new version of KimDaBa is now ready for your image management pleasure.

You may download the source code from http://ktown.kde.org/kimdaba/download-source.htm

Below you will find the list of major changes since KimDaBa 2.0, plus a short introduction to KimDaBa.

Kind Regards

What is KimDaBa

The easiest way to learn about KimDaBa is to take the three minute tour at http://ktown.kde.org/kimdaba/tour/

If you are like me you have hundreds or even thousands of images ever since you got your first camera, some taken with a normal camera other with a digital camera. Through all the years you believed that until eternity you would be able to remember the story behind every single picture, you would be able to remember the names of all the persons on your images, and you would be able to remember the exact date of every single image.

I personally realized that this was not possible anymore, and especially for my digital images - but also for my paper images - I needed a tool to help me describe my images, and to search in the pile of images. This is exactly what KimDaba is all about.

With KimDaBa it is today possible for me to find any image I have in less than 5 seconds, let that be an image with a special person, an image from a special place, or even both.

There is of course no such thing as free lunch - with KimDaBa this means that you have to annotate all your images before you are set. KimDaBa are, however, highly optimized for annotating images, so annotating 100 images in 10 minutes are no way impossible.

Major Improvements
  • KimDaBa 2.1 introduces a date bar that shows statistics about images, plus support browsing, and narrowing views to a given date range. The date bar shows ranges from a year per unit down to 10 minutes per unit.
  • As a consequence of the date bar being introduced, all thumbnails are now shown together, rather than as 100 thumbnail per view.
  • In the viewer it is now possible to press a key to set a token, these tokens can the be used during browsing. This makes it easy to mark all images for say printing, by simply setting a token on each of them, and the later browsing for that token.
Minor Improvement
  • Added a search line for the items of the browser.
  • Made it possible to disable searching for images on start up. This may make KimDaBa much faster at starting up.
  • Added an option to automatically load images when matches in the browser goes below a certain amount of images.
  • Postpone checking if images is on disk till the information is needed, this speeds up start up with a couple of seconds.
  • Added the possibility to zoom out from current scope, thus seeing the context of the current image
  • KimDaBa will now escape all non-latin1 characters, so they still look good on web servers that seems to ignore the meta tag.
  • Added support for Canon CRW "digital negative"
  • Improves handling of EXIF data, in particular in the "Read EXIF Data" dialog. It does not overwrite the time, date, orientation, or comment data unless the EXIF data is actually present. It also adds two new options that do overwrite the time and date information with the file modification date/time if the EXIF data isn't present.
  • Added a survey, where I can get some feedback from the KimDaBa users.
  • Added member group config to context menu of list select (which is the list boxes of the image property pages)
Having trouble finding a given image in your collection containing thousands of images?

http://ktown.kde.org/kimdaba might be the answer.


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