10th September 2005 by Derek Kite

This Week...

Juk gets basic support for MusicBrainz. KStars adds the solar system. An Avahi-based reimplementation of libkdnssd for distributions that don't like APSL-licensed mdnsd daemon. Outline of a brush is now drawn when moving it over the canvas in Krita. A spiffy, new, improved Konqueror throbber rolls into action. Refactoring: Scons/bksys build system, new layout for modules, Kat merging into part of Tenor.
Adds: Knoware, SoC project aiming for interactive bughunting and problem-solving; EWOK, QEmu front end; Kurriculum, a port of the authors CheExp-application from Windows ; kiriki, a clone of gtali (which itself is a Gnomeified Yahtzee)

Moves: KTranslator, kdenonbeta -> kdereview; Kanagram, kdereview -> kdeedu.
Stephan Kulow annouced on kde-cvs-announce:

After all this talking and work on KDE4 I would like to remind everyone that we're still in process of releasing KDE 3.5.

Since yesterday night, the message freeze on the KDE 3.5 is active. To cite from the release schedule:
After this date the same message freeze applies as for released versions (i.e. only previously untranslated strings or clear errors in strings can be fixed - no new strings)

Please remember the next date:

September 10th, 2005: tags/KDE/3_5_beta1 created
The 3.5 branch is tagged as Beta 1 and is frozen for nonurgent commits till 14th.

This means over the weekend please don't commit new code that doesn't fix grave bugs (crashes, broken compilation). It's a nice timing to fix --enable-final support in your code, btw. Please update versions numbers as applying to your application _before_ saturday.

Thanks, Stephan
The amaroK team announces version 1.3.1 of the amaroK audio player
This is the first service release in the amaroK Airborne series. Version 1.3.1 improves on stability, introduces a more polished user interface and provides several new features.

Highlights of amaroK 1.3.1:
  • Support for the iPod Shuffle device
  • Advanced search filter for the Collection
  • Helix engine with many bugfixes
  • Improved equalizer dialog
  • GStreamer engine has been rewritten for better performance
  • Enhanced artwork in the user interface
  • Many bugfixes and optimizations
Release notes:

The "alsasink" output plugin for GStreamer has currently been disabled for stability reasons. For the time being we recommend using "osssink" instead.

ChangeLog since 1.3:

  • Added 'Set as Playlist (Crop)' and 'Save as Playlist' options in the playlist context menu. (BR 99932)
  • Support for iPod shuffle devices. Patch by Guenter Schwann .
  • Media Device browser now has a connect button for connecting your iPod after amaroK has already been started. Also includes configurable mounting/unmounting options.
  • Holding down the stop button (as opposed to just clicking it) pops up a menu letting you stop either now, after the current track, or after the end of the queue.
  • Collection browser filter now fully supports the same Google-esque syntax as the playlist filter, plus one extra: lyrics:"stuff to search for" to search in cached lyrics.
  • Pressing Shift+Enter after filtering the playlist will now queue the first track. (BR 111054)
  • Display short statistics in the collection browser depending on the categorisation method.
  • New DCOP call "collection: totalTracks". Returns the total number of tracks in the collection.
  • New DCOP call "collection: totalGenres". Returns the total number of genres in the collection.
  • New DCOP call "collection: totalCompilations". Returns the total number of compilations in the collection.
  • New DCOP call "collection: totalArtists". Returns the total number of artists in the collection.
  • New DCOP call "collection: totalAlbums". Returns the total number of tracks in the collection.
  • New DCOP call "collection: similarArtists(int artists)". Returns the similar artists of the current track, results are limited by 'artists'.
  • New DCOP call "playlist: repopulate". Repopulates the playlist with tracks from dynamic mode.
  • New DCOP call "player: showBrowser". Allows for showing of playlist window browser, see the handbook for useage.
  • New DCOP call "player: setLyricsByPath". Allows adding custom lyrics for tracks.
  • Add an icon in the statusbar displaying the number of queued tracks; click on it to pop up a menu letting you jump to their locations in the playlist.
  • New "Blue Danna" splash screen. Created by Nenad Grujicic, modified by Nathan Adolph.
  • 'Stop after track' is now saved (and so remembered across amaroK restarts).
  • Ported playlist + filter-lineedit behaviour to collection browser as well: you can move between the view and the filter with the up/down buttons, and just typing into the view will set the filter. (BR 108656)
  • Wiki Tab links use the color set for links, instead of "Selected Background". Style Authors can use "AMAROK_LINKCOLOR" if they want that color. (BR 111228)
  • The Equalizer widget has been pimped.
  • Pressing 'up' in the playlist filter will now take you to the end of the playlist, in addition to down going to the beginning, as before.
  • When jumping to the current track, it now gets centered instead of only barely showing.
  • GStreamer-engine was rewritten. The crossfading feature was removed for now (it didn't work right with recent GStreamer versions). Improvements: 1) Reduced CPU usage 2) Reduced latency 3) Increased stability
  • No need to restart amaroK to use your iPod!
  • Improved Konqueror Sidebar.
  • The bundled "Shouter" AmarokScript (for radio stream serving) has been updated and improved.
  • amaroK wouldn't remember current track when restarting. (BR 110282)
  • Some memory leaks found and fixed.
  • Fix buzz and subsequent clicking when equalizer enabled in Helix and GStreamer engines compiled with GCC 4.0.1.
  • Burn option wouldn't show up for "Year - Album" items on Collection Browser.
  • Tray's tooltip would show things like 69:40 of 1:12:01.
  • Wiki Tab wouldn't work for names that contained "/". (BR 111634)
  • With KDE 3.4, the proper context menu wouldn't be shown for File Browser. Patch by Christian Baumgart . (BR 103305)
  • Playcounter and Access Date wouldn't be updated properly for PostgreSQL. Patch by Tonton . (BR 111519)
  • Clicking twice on the uninstall button for the same script, would make amaroK crash.
  • Fixed an obscure crash when you emptied the playlist, had the focus on it, and pressed up.
  • No longer show dynamic info popup on application startup. Patch by Christian Baumgart .
  • Sometimes the system tray tooltip did not update on song change.
  • Polishing for the collection browser and expanded item states. Patch by Christian Baumgart .
  • With xine-engine amaroK always treated remote media like radio streams.
  • Selecting Classical equalizer preset prompted for name.
  • Fixed konqueror sidebar compilation with kde <= 3.3 and gcc patched for visibility.
  • Konqueror sidebar can switch again between tabs.
  • Fixed playing of oggs in helix engine.
  • Fixed crash in helix engine when switching engines if helix/realplayer not installed.
  • Undo/Redo for the playlist was broken in some cases.
  • On Collection Browser, when grouping by Genre/Artist/Year-Album it wouldn't show the tracks. (BR 110890)
  • SmartPlaylist Editor would reset "Match Any" to "Match All" when editing. Patch by Kevin Henderson (BR 110918).
  • Podcasts and playlist tracks would be sorted lexicographically (BR 97297).
  • Saved dynamic playlists were not removable.
  • xine-engine: amaroK would get stuck on exit if the Equalizer was enabled and the engine playing. (BR 110791)
  • Dequeued items sometimes weren't being repainted properly.
- The amaroK team

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