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Bug Fixes in KDE-PIM

Tom Albers committed changes in /trunk/KDE/kdepim/doc:

This fixes the issues reported by the docbook sanitizer found at EBN for kdepim. I fixed all issues which were raised at the kde-pim mailinglist. One of the changes involved a new entity, so it will only 'compile' with the latest entities installed. (cp $svn/kdelibs/kdoctools/customization/entities/general.entities $prefix/share/appses/general.entities)

File Changes

Modified 14 files
  • /trunk/KDE/kdepim/doc
  •   /kaddressbook/index.docbook
  •   /kalarm/index.docbook
  •   /kandy/index.docbook
  •   /karm/index.docbook
  •   /kleopatra/index.docbook
  •   /kmail/index.docbook
  •   /knode/index.docbook
  •   /knotes/index.docbook
  •   /kontact/index.docbook
  •   /korn/index.docbook
  •   /kpilot/index.docbook
  •   /ktnef/index.docbook
  •   /kwatchgnupg/index.docbook
  •   /multisynk/index.docbook
14 files changed in total