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Gábor Lehel committed changes in /branches/work/kde4/playground/libs:

templatize and rename
(mornfall on irc thought AtomicString wasn't a very descriptive name, and I agreed; but couldn't think of anything much better. It's a bit similar to the 'legendary' mechanic in Magic: the Gathering, so that it is, for now.)

File Changes

Added 9 files
  • /branches/work/kde4/playground/libs/klegendary
  •   /klegendary.h
  •   /
  •   /klegendary_p.h
  •   /klegendarystring.h
  •   /tests
  •   /tests/testklegendarystring.cpp
  •   /tests/testklegendarystring.h
  •   /tests/
Deleted 1 files
  • /branches/work/kde4/playground/libs/atomicstring
10 files changed in total