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Michael Pyne committed changes in /branches/work/abakus-qt4/src:

Fix several porting issues, remove deprecated code in abakus-kde4. Among the highlights:

- Use QActions for KMenu.
- i18n() has .arg() built-in now it seems. And if you try to use %1 in i18n
intending to .arg() it afterwards, it won't work now since i18n() has
helpfully replaced the %1 with a big ARGUMENT_MISSING string.
- For some reason at least one signal/slot connection was automatically using the new
queued type instead of the normal (from Qt 3) method where all slots run before the
emit statement returns. I find this odd since this queued behavior is only between
different threads by default according to the documentation.
- Converted some list views to use QTreeWidget.
- Converted some data structures to use Qt 4 containers.

File Changes

Modified 8 files
  • /branches/work/abakus-qt4/src
  •   /abakus.cpp
  •   /abakuslistview.cpp
  •   /abakuslistview.h
  •   /function.cpp
  •   /function.h
  •   /mainwindow.cpp
  •   /MainWindow.ui
  •   /parser.yy
8 files changed in total