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Matt Rogers committed changes in /branches/work/kdev-nice-project:

port to the new snapshot. break everything that uses kdialog since I don't feel like fucking porting stuff again after just finishing the other stuff.

What's the point of doing a kdelibs snapshot every two weeks if you're just going to updated it mid-cycle?

File Changes

Modified 9 files
  • /branches/work/kdev-nice-project
  •   /src/documentcontroller.cpp
  •   /src/kdevideextension.cpp
  •   /src/mainwindowshare.cpp
  •   /src/projectmanager.cpp
  •   /lib/util/configwidgetproxy.cpp
  •   /lib/widgets/ksavealldialog.cpp
  •   /plugins/fileselector/fileselector_part.cpp
  •   /plugins/valgrind/valgrind_dialog.cpp
  •   /src/profileengine/editor/profileeditor.cpp
9 files changed in total