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Features in KDE Base

Sebastian Kügler committed changes in /trunk/playground/base/guidance/powermanager/powermanager_ui.ui:

First draft of a user interface for powermanager,

We basically define 5 different "Power Schemes":

1) Performance - for maximum performance
2) Automatic - Do the Right Thing
3) Powersave - Save as much power as possible

4) Suspend-to-RAM - notebook 'sleeps' / standby
5) Suspend-to-Disk - notebook is fully switched
off but able to recover from disk

1) - 3) are defined by a combination of display
brightness, cpu frequency and an action that is
performed when this scheme is activated.
4) and 5) are system sleep states.

Switching to those Power Schemes can be connected
to an event, currently, there are:

1) removal of ac adapter
2) plugging in ac adapter
3) battery runs below N %
4) lid is closed

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