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Sandro Giessl committed changes in /trunk/KDE/kdelibs:

- some comments on the Qt4 Style discussion on kde-devel
- more/better doxygen comments
- Eliminated Generic::Bevel, it was never quite sure what a 'bevel' actually
is, so now either the actual QStyle element is preferred (and mentioned
prominently in the docs), or a KStyle primitive with more descriptive name
is used if there is no corresponding QStyle element.
Also eliminate KStyle primitives when there's a matching QStyle element.
PushButton bevel -> PE_PanelButtonCommand
PushButton default bevel -> PE_FrameDefaultButton
Splitter bevel -> CE_Splitter
Menu::Scroller -> CE_MenuScroller
Menu::TearOff -> CE_MenuTearoff
CheckBox::Check* -> PE_IndicatorCheckBox
RadioButton::Radio* -> PE_IndicatorRadioButton
MenuBar bevel -> CE_MenuBarEmptyArea
ScrollBar::Groove* -> CE_ScrollBarAddPage, CE_ScrollBarSubPage
ScrollBar::Slider* -> CE_ScrollBarSlider
ToolButton bevel -> PE_PanelButtonTool
DockWidgetTitle bevel -> DockWidgetTitle::Panel
ProgressBar bevel -> CE_ProgressBarGroove
MenuBarItem bevel -> MenuBarItem::Panel

I'm going to reduce the complexity of KStyle even more (perhaps merging the
several enums-in-a-struct to simple enums, think about the API for layout
metrics...). IMHO KStyle shouldn't hide the underlying QStyle API *too* much,
just where it makes sense. Downside is, people have to touch some QStyle draw*
methods, but every serious style will probably do this at some point anyway.

File Changes

Modified 5 files
  • /trunk/KDE/kdelibs
  •   /kdefx/kstyle.cpp
  •   /kdefx/kstyle.h
  •   /kstyles/keramik/keramik.cpp
  •   /kstyles/plastik/plastik.cpp
  •   /kstyles/plastik/plastik.h
5 files changed in total