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Features in Development Tools

David Nolden committed changes in /branches/work/kdevelop-teamwork/kdevelop:

If a user goes offline who is part of a file-collaboration-session, he is automatically re-invited once he's online again. If a file-collaboration-host goes offline while a session and comes online again, the users that were part of the session automatically invite him to continue the session and send the necessary synchronization-data. If he accepts, all old clients are automatically inserted to the new(continued) session, and everything continues as before.

File Changes

Modified 14 files
  • /branches/work/kdevelop-teamwork/kdevelop
  •   /lib/dynamictext/dynamictext.cpp
  •   /lib/dynamictext/dynamictext.h
  •   /plugins/teamwork/autoconstructpointer.h
  •   /plugins/teamwork/collaborationmanager.cpp
  •   /plugins/teamwork/documentwrapper.cpp
  •   /plugins/teamwork/filecollaboration.cpp
  •   /plugins/teamwork/filecollaboration.h
  •   /plugins/teamwork/filecollaborationmanager.cpp
  •   /plugins/teamwork/filecollaborationmanager.h
  •   /plugins/teamwork/filecollaborationmessages.cpp
  •   /plugins/teamwork/filecollaborationmessages.h
  •   /plugins/teamwork/filecollaborationsession.cpp
  •   /plugins/teamwork/kdevteamwork.cpp
  •   /plugins/teamwork/kdevteamwork.h
14 files changed in total