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Features in Networking Tools

Eike Hein committed changes in /trunk/extragear/network/konversation:

Behold, the Commit of Doom! Although I prefer to think of it as the Commit of Bliss. In any case, it's massive (diffstat < 10k lines). Here goes:

- Implement a tree list as a vertical alternative to the tab bar, supporting all cosmetic and interactive features of the tab bar, including, but not limited to, text notifications, LEDs, (hover) close buttons with delayed activation, context menus, drag'n'drop, and mouse wheel events. Plus a few tricks of its own.

- Refactor KonversationMainWindow: The view management duties are now performed by the new ViewContainer class, which internally abstracts the differences between the two tab switching widgets. All of that code has seen major cleanups. Also, the status bar management is now happening - mostly rewritten, too - in the new KonversationStatusBar class.

- Cleanup all around.

- Delete obsolete class DccTransferHandler.
- Delete obsolete class Popup.
- Delete obsolete class KonviSqueezedTextLabel.

- Fix status bar not being reset correctly when the last view is closed.
- Fix the status bar temp text not being cleared when the window loses focus or
the cursor leaves the window after a link is launched.
- Don't set allow empty temp texts to be set in the status bar.
- Fix the "No answer from server for ..." lag text interfering with the status bar temp text mechanic by using the proper API to set it.
- Improve consistency of status bar lag label updating to avoid the UI jumping around too much.
- Hide the info and lag status bar labels until text is set for the first time.
- Fix the "DCC Status" and "Channel List" panels leaving the status bar info label empty.
- Reset the status bar properly when the last view is closed.

- Tweak the grouping behavior for "Channel List" and "Raw Log" tabs.

- Fix change of the general UI font not being propagated down to the various types of tabs.
- Fix changes of the iconset not being applied to tab bar close icons.

- Fix the name of the "Watched Nicks Online" tab changing under certain circumstances.

- Fix Reconnect action not being updated on /disconnect.
- Fix Reconnect action not always working.

- Fix "Hide Nicklist" action not being disabled when the current view doesn't actually have a nick list.

- Fix the menu bar shown/hidden state not being saved across sessions.
- Show the "Show Menubar" action as the first item in the IRCView context menu when the menu bar is hidden, as is established good practice among KDE applications.
- Distribute actions in the menus a little better.
- Make the ban list and other channel settings easier to find by adding an action to open the Channel Settings dialog to the "Window" menu as well as the IRCView context menu of channel tabs.

- Fix switching off notifications for a tab not unsetting active notification.
- Fix server tabs not preserving their on/off notification state across sessions.

- Change the names of various actions temporarily when the (modal) shortcuts dialog is opened. Toggle actions are prefixed with "Toggle", since the list lacks the context in which they're understood as toggle actions. The insert actions are prefixed with "Insert". And the context-adaptive actions ("Open Logfile for ...") are stripped of their context.

- Disable the "Close All Open Queries" action when there are no open queries.
- Fix the "Close All Open Queries" action not actually closing all open queries.

- Don't focus Url Catcher when the "Open URL Catcher" action is triggered the second time. A toggle action isn't tri-state.

- Don't add bookmarks to the action collection (i.e. to the list of shortcuts) when the bookmark menu is opened.

- Update rough changelog.
- Bump build number.

(PS.: You will need to do a 'make -f Makefile.cvs' in order to build this successfully out of an existing checkout.)

File Changes

Added 12 files
  • /trunk/extragear/network/konversation/src
  •   /konversationstatusbar.cpp
  •   /konversationstatusbar.h
  •   /tabs_preferences.cpp
  •   /tabs_preferences.h
  •   /tabs_preferencesui.ui
  •   /tabs_preferencesui.ui~
  •   /viewcontainer.cpp
  •   /viewcontainer.h
  •   /viewtree.cpp
  •   /viewtree.h
  •   /viewtreeitem.cpp
  •   /viewtreeitem.h
Deleted 7 files
  • /trunk/extragear/network/konversation/src
  •   /dcctransferhandler.cpp
  •   /dcctransferhandler.h
  •   /konvisqueezedtextlabel.cpp
  •   /konvisqueezedtextlabel.h
  •   /popup.cpp
  •   /popup.h
  •   /tabbar_preferences.ui
Modified 43 files
  • /trunk/extragear/network/konversation
  •   /ChangeLog
  •   /src/channel.cpp
  •   /src/channel.h
  •   /src/channellistpanel.cpp
  •   /src/chatwindow.cpp
  •   /src/chatwindow.h
  •   /src/commit.h
  •   /src/dccchat.cpp
  •   /src/dccpanel.cpp
  •   /src/images.cpp
  •   /src/images.h
  •   /src/inputfilter.h
  •   /src/ircview.cpp
  •   /src/ircview.h
  •   /src/konsolepanel.cpp
  •   /src/konsolepanel.h
  •   /src/konversationapplication.cpp
  •   /src/konversationmainwindow.cpp
  •   /src/konversationmainwindow.h
  •   /src/konversationui.rc
  •   /src/konvibookmarkhandler.cpp
  •   /src/konvisettingsdialog.cpp
  •   /src/konvisettingsdialog.h
  •   /src/
  •   /src/nickinfo.cpp
  •   /src/nicksonline.cpp
  •   /src/nicksonline.h
  •   /src/notificationhandler.cpp
  •   /src/outputfilter.cpp
  •   /src/outputfilter.h
  •   /src/query.cpp
  •   /src/rawlog.cpp
  •   /src/server.cpp
  •   /src/server.h
  •   /src/serverison.cpp
  •   /src/statuspanel.cpp
  •   /src/statuspanel.h
  •   /src/topiclabel.cpp
  •   /src/topiclabel.h
  •   /src/urlcatcher.cpp
  •   /src/urlcatcher.h
  •   /src/config/konversation.kcfg
  •   /src/linkaddressbook/addressbook.cpp
62 files changed in total