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Features in Development Tools

David Nolden committed changes in /branches/work/kdevelop-teamwork.kdevelop:

A lot of work on the file-collaboration-management. Collaboration-files communicate better now. They resolve conflicts by sending each other reject-messages and then correcty seeking back to a conflict-free state. If the host allows it, each session-client can add his own files to the collaboration-session. The host can remove files from the session, and temporarily disable editing on files. Each collaborator can save single or all files of the session either as normal files, or as a patch which will automatically be added to the patches-list. Much more. Everything yet completely untested.

File Changes

Added 1 files
  • /branches/work/kdevelop-teamwork.kdevelop/plugins/teamwork/kdevteamwork_filecollaborationsession.ui.h
Modified 25 files
  • /branches/work/kdevelop-teamwork.kdevelop
  •   /kdevelop.kdevelop
  •   /lib/dynamictext/dynamictext.cpp
  •   /lib/dynamictext/dynamictext.h
  •   /lib/dynamictext/dynamictexthelpers.h
  •   /lib/network/crossmap.h
  •   /lib/network/message.h
  •   /lib/network/sharedptr.h
  •   /lib/network/weakpointer.h
  •   /plugins/teamwork/documentwrapper.cpp
  •   /plugins/teamwork/documentwrapper.h
  •   /plugins/teamwork/filecollaboration.cpp
  •   /plugins/teamwork/filecollaboration.h
  •   /plugins/teamwork/filecollaborationmanager.cpp
  •   /plugins/teamwork/filecollaborationmanager.h
  •   /plugins/teamwork/filecollaborationmessages.cpp
  •   /plugins/teamwork/filecollaborationmessages.h
  •   /plugins/teamwork/filecollaborationsession.cpp
  •   /plugins/teamwork/filecollaborationsession.h
  •   /plugins/teamwork/kdevteamwork_client.cpp
  •   /plugins/teamwork/kdevteamwork_helpers.cpp
  •   /plugins/teamwork/patchesmanager.cpp
  •   /plugins/teamwork/patchesmanager.h
  •   /plugins/teamwork/patchmessage.cpp
  •   /plugins/teamwork/patchmessage.h
  •   /plugins/teamwork/uicall
26 files changed in total