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Features in KDE Base

Greg Martyn committed changes in /trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/ksysguard/gui/SensorDisplayLib/

These names were confusing to many people. The old KSysGuard had headings called "Memory" and "RSS Memory." With this patch, I have changed those heading respectively to "Virtual Size" and "Memory."

The term "memory" is used colloquially to mean Resident Set Size Memory. I.e. when I talk about kwrite's "memory usage" I exclude the memory usage of kdelibs (Especially when other KDE applications already have kdelibs loaded) The term for kwrite's virtual address space, which includes kdelibs, is "Virtual Size."

The old KSysGuard didn't work that way. Instead of the term "Virtual Size," it used "Memory." As a result, KDE programs looked more memory hungry than they really were.

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