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Other in Office

Boudewijn Rempt committed changes in /trunk/koffice:

Create one single flake (and other stuff) plugin loader that doesn't use kparts and loades the current crop of flake plugins.

This means we no longer sneakily add the tool plugin while the shape is loaded or vice versa. It's up to Jan to make the shapes into one plugin: I will go through the Krita tools and pigment colorspaces to de-kpart them.

File Changes

Added 3 files
  • /trunk/koffice
  •   /shapes/TODO
  •   /libs/kofficecore/KoPluginLoader.cpp
  •   /libs/kofficecore/KoPluginLoader.h
Modified 14 files
  • /trunk/koffice
  •   /krita/ui/kis_dummy_shape.h
  •   /krita/ui/kis_view2.cpp
  •   /kspread/flake/TableShapeFactory.cpp
  •   /kspread/flake/TableShapeFactory.h
  •   /libs/flake/KoShapeRegistry.cpp
  •   /libs/kofficecore/CMakeLists.txt
  •   /libs/kofficeui/KoToolRegistry.cpp
  •   /libs/kotext/KoTextShapeFactory.cpp
  •   /libs/kotext/KoTextShapeFactory.h
  •   /shapes/regularpolygon/KoRegularPolygonShapeFactory.cpp
  •   /shapes/regularpolygon/KoRegularPolygonShapeFactory.h
  •   /shapes/star/KoStarShapeFactory.cpp
  •   /shapes/star/KoStarShapeFactory.h
  •   /kivio/src/part/KivioShapeGeometry.cpp
17 files changed in total