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Features in KDE-PIM

Allen Winter committed changes in /branches/work/kdepim-3.5.5+/kontact/plugins/planner:

The beginning of a new Planner Summary for Kontact.
Operational, but a work-in-progress.

Feel free to join in the fun!
We are thinking along the lines of <a href=""></a>;

File Changes

Added 9 files
  • /branches/work/kdepim-3.5.5+/kontact/plugins/planner
  •   /kcmplanner.cpp
  •   /kcmplanner.desktop
  •   /kcmplanner.h
  •   /
  •   /planner.cpp
  •   /planner.h
  •   /plannerplugin.cpp
  •   /plannerplugin.desktop
  •   /plannerplugin.h
9 files changed in total