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Sebastian Trueg committed changes in /branches/work/nepomuk-kde/kmetadata:

Introducing libKMetaData:
* As proposed last week libKMetaData is based on the Resource class which represents one piece of information and has a bunch of properties which basicly represent the RDF predicates in the metadata store.
* One simply creates a Resource instance with the resource URI as a parameter and can then modify it however needed.
* loading and storing is not implemented yet, though. So actually it dows not work yet.
* Autosyncing is also not implemented yet. I am not sure yet what the best approach would be here.
* Next step is to create Resource subclasses from the Nepomuk meta data ontology that provide convenience classes to access all kinds of information.

I had some internet trouble the last days (as in: I had none). So I coded this like I thought was right without consulting anyone. Comments are welcome.

File Changes

Added 18 files
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  •   /kmetadata/CMakeLists.txt
  •   /kmetadata/kmetadata.h
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  •   /kmetadata/resource.cpp
  •   /kmetadata/resource.h
  •   /kmetadata/resourcedata.cpp
  •   /kmetadata/resourcedata.h
  •   /kmetadata/resourcemanager.cpp
  •   /kmetadata/resourcemanager.h
  •   /kmetadata/variant.cpp
  •   /kmetadata/variant.h
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  •   /tests/resourcetest.h
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