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Bug Fixes in Multimedia

Bart Cerneels committed changes in /trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/src:

Use KIO::StoredGet instead of PodcastFetcher. Podcastfetcher was originally developed to work around a KDELibs bug. This seems to be fixed since at least KDE 3.5.0 but possibly a lot earlier. If problems with weird filenames show up, look at the KDELibs version. If lots of users are affected we might have to use PodcastFetcher for those older KDELibs.

Lot's of possible enhancements: resuming downloads, reducing memory consumption (not StoredGet), MIME type checking...

File Changes

Modified 3 files
  • /trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/src
  •   /playlistbrowseritem.cpp
  •   /playlistbrowseritem.h
  •   /statusbar/progressBar.cpp
3 files changed in total