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Features in KDE-PIM

Reinhold Kainhofer committed changes in /branches/work/kdepim-3.5.5+/korganizer:

Finally implement the most basic stuff of the incidence printing style. The whole date/time/recurrence/reminder box is missing, attachments are not listed yet, subitems are not printed, but apart from that everything works.

Yeah, not a lot of stuff left that's working, but it still looks quite decent already

File Changes

Modified 8 files
  • /branches/work/kdepim-3.5.5+/korganizer
  •   /printing/calprintdefaultplugins.cpp
  •   /printing/calprintdefaultplugins.h
  •   /printing/calprinter.cpp
  •   /printing/calprinter.h
  •   /printing/calprintincidenceconfig_base.ui
  •   /printing/calprintpluginbase.cpp
  •   /printing/calprintpluginbase.h
  •   /interfaces/korganizer/printplugin.h
8 files changed in total