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Features in KDE Base

Robert Knight committed changes in /branches/work/konsole-split-view:

Work done during my short holiday:

New User-Visible Features:
* 'Merge Windows' feature. This merges all of the existing Konsole windows into a single window. (The opposite of detach view in a sense). Only merges the views from the active tab widget in each window at the moment.
* Split-view feature. Splits existing view top/bottom.

New Front-end Progress:
* Make creating a new tab and window work in the new front-end
* Add detach-view in new front-end
* Added ViewManager class which manges views and view containers in a main window as well as creating new views and session controllers for terminal sessions.* Added SessionController class which provides the actions associated with an individual session and view.
(including the Edit and History menus)
* Menu items now working: Copy,Paste,Clear,Clear & Reset,Clear History,Configure Konsole
* Wrote a widget for incremental searches in documents ( IncrementalSearchBar ). The widget is closely modelled on the incremental search bar found in Firefox.
* SessionList class to provide the actions used to create new sessions in menus

* Fix crashes with multiple views caused by trying to change the size of the terminal image ( via setSize() ) after the user manually resizes the display
* Update terminal size associated with pty when resizing display
* Fix broken signal-slot connection in TabbedViewContainer
* Check for a minimum terminal size of 1 line x 1 column when updating the terminal image
* Ensure that internal array used by display widget to store terminal characters is always non-zero in size. Also ensure that 'lines' and 'columns' internal properties are always > 0. Fixes crashes when display widget has a very small height or width.
* Fixed crash with small display widget caused by TEWidget's count of used lines and used columns (usedLines,usedColumn fields) not being updated when the terminal image was made smaller.

* Further file renaming for consistancy between file name and class name
* Make ViewContainer subclasses take a QObject* parent argument in their constructors

File Changes

Added 14 files
  • /branches/work/konsole-split-view/konsole
  •   /IncrementalSearchBar.cpp
  •   /IncrementalSearchBar.h
  •   /KeyTrans.cpp
  •   /KeyTrans.h
  •   /KonsoleBookmarkHandler.cpp
  •   /KonsoleBookmarkHandler.h
  •   /PrintSettings.cpp
  •   /PrintSettings.h
  •   /SessionList.cpp
  •   /SessionList.h
  •   /ViewManager.cpp
  •   /ViewManager.h
  •   /ZModemDialog.cpp
  •   /ZModemDialog.h
Deleted 8 files
  • /branches/work/konsole-split-view/konsole
  •   /keytrans.cpp
  •   /keytrans.h
  •   /konsolebookmarkhandler.cpp
  •   /konsolebookmarkhandler.h
  •   /printsettings.cpp
  •   /printsettings.h
  •   /zmodem_dialog.cpp
  •   /zmodem_dialog.h
Modified 20 files
  • /branches/work/konsole-split-view
  •   /desktop/konsoleui.rc
  •   /konsole/CMakeLists.txt
  •   /konsole/KonsoleApp.cpp
  •   /konsole/KonsoleApp.h
  •   /konsole/KonsoleMainWindow.cpp
  •   /konsole/KonsoleMainWindow.h
  •   /konsole/SessionController.cpp
  •   /konsole/SessionController.h
  •   /konsole/SessionManager.cpp
  •   /konsole/start.cpp
  •   /konsole/TEmulation.cpp
  •   /konsole/TEmulation.h
  •   /konsole/TEmuVt102.cpp
  •   /konsole/TESession.cpp
  •   /konsole/TEWidget.cpp
  •   /konsole/TEWidget.h
  •   /konsole/ViewContainer.cpp
  •   /konsole/ViewContainer.h
  •   /konsole/ViewSplitter.cpp
  •   /konsole/ViewSplitter.h
42 files changed in total