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Features in Networking Tools

Dario Massarin committed changes in /branches/work/make_kget_cool/kget:

Ok. So here is the last big thing I wanted done before the end of my holidays which, unfortunately, is tomorrow.. This change makes the group concept completely usable as it introduces starting & stopping controls for each group directly on the gui. Check it out and enjoy :)

File Changes

Modified 8 files
  • /branches/work/make_kget_cool/kget
  •   /core/jobqueue.h
  •   /core/transfergroup.cpp
  •   /core/transfergroup.h
  •   /core/transfertreemodel.cpp
  •   /ui/transfersview.cpp
  •   /ui/transfersview.h
  •   /ui/transfersviewdelegate.cpp
  •   /ui/transfersviewdelegate.h
8 files changed in total