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Features in KDE Base

Sebastian Kügler committed changes in /trunk/playground/base/guidance/mountconfig:

Add support for filesystem labels in mountconfig. The label can dynamically be read by MicroHAL, so if the disk has a label, it will be found and filled in automatically. The same mechanism works for UUID where it's much, much harder to copy the UUID by hand -- just enable it via the radiobutton and it'll be read from MicroHAL (which in turn reads it from HAL).

There are little safety nets right now, especially for the UUID stuff, but it's rather easy to shoot yourself in the foot anyway already. More testing will reveal where we want some additional sanity checking.

Some smaller bugs have been fixed as well, mainly the fuser frontend wouldn't show up due to lsof not being where it's expected to be. And finally some potential encoding issues have been fixed.

I've also fixed linelength of some of the labels, those made the code pretty unreadable in some cases, I hope the translation teams won't be too angry at me. =)

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