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Features in Development Tools

Jens Dagerbo committed changes in /branches/kdevelop/3.4/languages/cpp:

make actions without a menu entry work:
1. a "hidden" menu in the ui.rc file that is not inside the <MenuBar> tag
2. a dummy QWidget to plug in

result: navigate context menu (default: ctrl+alt+space) and jump to declaration/definition (default: ctrl+',' / ctrl+'.') actions work

File Changes

Modified 5 files
  • /branches/kdevelop/3.4/languages/cpp
  •   /cppcodecompletion.cpp
  •   /cppcodecompletion.h
  •   /cppsupportpart.cpp
  •   /cppsupportpart.h
  •   /kdevcppsupport.rc
5 files changed in total