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Features in Office

Thomas Zander committed changes in /trunk/koffice:

* Solve the tool-actions problem. A tool can now have its own set of actions which will be plugged into the Gui via the ToolManager. This allows applications and users to add things like the 'bold' action to their xmlGui lists, while the tool (plugin) is the one that creates the action.
* Make KoTool use a d-pointer
* Slight cleanup of KoToolManager API. The addControllers() method now only has 1 arg; so rename it to addController()

File Changes

Modified 10 files
  • /trunk/koffice
  •   /karbon/
  •   /krita/ui/kis_view2.cpp
  •   /kword/part/KWGui.cpp
  •   /kword/part/KWView.cpp
  •   /libs/flake/KoTool.cpp
  •   /libs/flake/KoTool.h
  •   /libs/kofficeui/KoToolManager.cpp
  •   /libs/kofficeui/KoToolManager.h
  •   /libs/kopageapp/KoPAView.cpp
  •   /shapes/text/TextTool.cpp
10 files changed in total