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Features in KDE Base

Kevin Krammer committed changes in /branches/work-qt4-qt3backport:

Improving de-marshalling of compound types, i.e. nested containers, for example string lists as values of a map.

QDBusDataList and QDBusDataMap can now carry an element prototype of type QDBusData

this allowing to recursively specifiy nested container structures without any content.

File Changes

Modified 6 files
  • /branches/work-qt4-qt3backport/branches/work/dbus-qt4-qt3backport
  •   /qdbusdata.cpp
  •   /qdbusdatalist.cpp
  •   /qdbusmarshall.cpp
  •   /dbus/qdbusdata.h
  •   /dbus/qdbusdatalist.h
  •   /dbus/qdbusdatamap.h
6 files changed in total