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Features in KDE Base

Josef Spillner committed changes in /branches/work/knewstuff2/kdxs/src/knewstuff2:

- install entries according to application directory settings
- unpack and notify hooks for those which need it
- register entries upon installation
- hooks for checksum and signature verification, according to application policies (this will replace the former KNewStuffSecure)

Next milestone is reached, simple files such as wallpapers can now be handled entirely with knewstuff2.

File Changes

Modified 7 files
  • /branches/work/knewstuff2/kdxs/src/knewstuff2
  •   /engine.cpp
  •   /engine.h
  •   /entry.cpp
  •   /entry.h
  •   /installation.cpp
  •   /installation.h
  •   /knewstuff2_test.knsrc
7 files changed in total