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Aaron J. Seigo committed changes in /branches/work/kconfiggroup_port/kdelibs/kdecore:

split ksharedconfig out into its own file
get rid of bool's in KConfig ctors, which was rather more difficult than it first appeared as the compiler like to "helpfully" turn bool's into const char* and flags for you (and vice versa) ... took a while to find a set of replacement ctors that would catch common but now wrong usages while making porting easy still.

only kdecore is ported at this time, but others may wish to join in before i get all of libs building

File Changes

Added 2 files
  • /branches/work/kconfiggroup_port/kdelibs/kdecore/config
  •   /ksharedconfig.cpp
  •   /ksharedconfig.h
Modified 23 files
  • /branches/work/kconfiggroup_port/kdelibs/kdecore
  •   /CMakeLists.txt
  •   /config/kconfig.cpp
  •   /config/kconfig.h
  •   /config/kconfigbackend.cpp
  •   /config/kconfigbase.cpp
  •   /config/kconfigbase.h
  •   /config/kconfiggroup.cpp
  •   /config/kconfigini.cpp
  •   /config/kconfigskeleton.h
  •   /config/kdesktopfile.cpp
  •   /config/kdesktopfile.h
  •   /config/ksimpleconfig.cpp
  •   /config/ksimpleconfig.h
  •   /io/kdebug.cpp
  •   /kernel/kauthorized.cpp
  •   /kernel/kautostart.cpp
  •   /kernel/kcomponentdata.h
  •   /kernel/kstandarddirs.cpp
  •   /localization/klocale.cpp
  •   /localization/klocale.h
  •   /services/kplugininfo.cpp
  •   /services/kservicetypeprofile.cpp
  •   /sycoca/kprotocolinfo.cpp
25 files changed in total