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Features in KDE Base

Robert Knight committed changes in /branches/work/konsole-split-view/konsole:

* Revert the changes to the screen and emulation from the last commit.

Will follow a different approach to allowing views to show different parts of the same session at once.

* Make the "Search History" menu item a normal action rather than a toggle action.
* Search terminal history and jump to first match when text in search box is changed.
* Call QApplication::processEvents() periodically while searching history to prevent UI from becoming unresponsive with large histories.

File Changes

Modified 12 files
  • /branches/work/konsole-split-view/konsole
  •   /CMakeLists.txt
  •   /IncrementalSearchBar.cpp
  •   /IncrementalSearchBar.h
  •   /SessionController.cpp
  •   /SessionController.h
  •   /SessionManager.cpp
  •   /TEmulation.cpp
  •   /TEmulation.h
  •   /TEScreen.cpp
  •   /TEScreen.h
  •   /TEWidget.cpp
  •   /TEWidget.h
12 files changed in total