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Features in KDE Base

Riccardo Iaconelli committed changes in /branches/work/knewstuff2/kdxs/src/knewstuff2:

* Ported to KDElibs coding style.
* Added a really cute frame with 3 buttons to choose between most recent/rated/downloaded. It looks really nice with any style I tried =)

Note: the buttons I made from scratch are really similar to the clickable 'frames' used in kcontrol 3. Is this needed somewhere else in KDE? Actually they are made in a not really portable way, but they can be modified. Let me know if anyone needs them.

File Changes

Modified 2 files
  • /branches/work/knewstuff2/kdxs/src/knewstuff2
  •   /knewstuff2_download.cpp
  •   /knewstuff2_download.h
2 files changed in total