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Federico Zenith committed changes in /trunk/extragear/utils/doc/katapult/index.docbook:

Hi Richard, this is the Italian translator of the Katapult docs.
Sorry for stomping on your turf, but I found that the Katapult docs did not comply with checkXML for reasons trivial enough that I decided to fix them myself. Two problems:

1- There are two couples of date/release tags; probably you just forgot to push Ctrl+S just before finishing or something like that.

2- I took the liberty of inserting your name and mail's entity into the file directly. There is a very good reason for this: Katapult should compile with KDE 3.4 (as according to docs), but those entities are not present in that version. This is a problem typical of packages released independently of kdelibs (KOffice and extragear), that they cannot rely on kdelibs being sufficiently up to date and containing the author entities. In my KDE 3.5.5 your entity is missing, and therefore any compilation attempt would fail at doc-generation time for any KDE <=3.5.5.


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