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Mathieu Ducharme committed changes in /trunk/playground/utils/khtml_userscript:

Initial import of the Khtml Userscript Konqueror Plugin

This is a new plugin for Konqueror to allow user-installed scripts (written in javascripts) to be executed on certain websites.
This could be thought as a the konqueror equivalent of GreaseMonkey for Firefox.

This is in very very pre-alpha stage and should be considered only a proof of concept so far.
I uploaded to playground because I received offers for help, please feel free to email me / fix stuff if you want to help.

A lot of things don't work yet or make no sense but it compiles and the basics (executing userscripts for certain domains) work well...

Hopefully every features will be in place in time for .0

You can see examples and screenshots on this blog
- <a href=""></a>;

For more information on greasemonkey
- <a href=""></a>;
- <a href=""></a>;

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Added 18 files
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