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Features in Office

Boudewijn Rempt committed changes in /trunk/koffice/libs:

All the code for loading odf using shapes is now in place: only the shapes themselves still need to implement the loading. So unittests fail, which is okay.

File Changes

Modified 11 files
  • /trunk/koffice/libs
  •   /flake/KoPathShapeFactory.cpp
  •   /flake/KoShape.h
  •   /flake/KoShapeFactory.cpp
  •   /flake/KoShapeFactory.h
  •   /flake/KoShapeRegistry.cpp
  •   /flake/KoShapeRegistry.h
  •   /main/KoGenericRegistry.h
  •   /main/KoOasisLoadingContext.h
  •   /main/KoOasisStore.cpp
  •   /flake/tests/TestKoShapeFactory.cpp
  •   /flake/tests/TestKoShapeRegistry.cpp
11 files changed in total