Revision 668722

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Bug Fixes in Networking Tools

Joris Guisson committed changes in /trunk/extragear/network/ktorrent:

Revamped unloading of plugins, there is now a shutdown method which can be overriden by plugins who which to do some ExitOperations when they are unloaded.

This fixes bug 144727.

File Changes

Modified 9 files
  • /trunk/extragear/network/ktorrent
  •   /libktorrent/pluginmanager.cpp
  •   /libktorrent/interfaces/plugin.cpp
  •   /libktorrent/interfaces/plugin.h
  •   /plugins/upnp/upnpplugin.cpp
  •   /plugins/upnp/upnpplugin.h
  •   /plugins/upnp/upnpprefpage.cpp
  •   /plugins/upnp/upnpprefpage.h
  •   /plugins/upnp/upnpprefwidget.cpp
  •   /plugins/upnp/upnpprefwidget.h
9 files changed in total