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Jason Harris committed changes in /trunk/KDE/kdeedu/kstars/kstars:

The Find Dialog is now fully functional. The select-by-type box works.

I had to change the way object names are stored internally to make this work efficiently. Previously, object names were stored in a single QStringList, accessible with SkyMapComposite::objectNames(). Now, object names are stored in a QHash of QStringLists, indexed by the SkyObject::TYPE enum identifiers.

Now, SkyMapComposite::objectNames() will return the entire QHash. I added SkyMapComposite::objectNames( int type ), which will return the QStringList containing names of the given type (e.g., 'data()->skyComposite()->objectNames( SkyObject::GALAXY )' will return the names of all galaxies.

If you need the names of all objects, regardless of type, you have to do
something like this:

QStringList allNames;
foreach ( int type, data()->skyComposite()->objectNames().keys() )
allNames += p->data()->skyComposite()->objectNames( type );

File Changes

Modified 24 files
  • /trunk/KDE/kdeedu/kstars/kstars
  •   /finddialog.cpp
  •   /finddialog.h
  •   /imageviewer.h
  •   /kstarsactions.cpp
  •   /ksutils.h
  •   /skycomponents/asteroidscomponent.cpp
  •   /skycomponents/cometscomponent.cpp
  •   /skycomponents/constellationnamescomponent.cpp
  •   /skycomponents/customcatalogcomponent.cpp
  •   /skycomponents/deepskycomponent.cpp
  •   /skycomponents/listcomponent.cpp
  •   /skycomponents/singlecomponent.cpp
  •   /skycomponents/skycomponent.h
  •   /skycomponents/skymapcomposite.cpp
  •   /skycomponents/skymapcomposite.h
  •   /skycomponents/solarsystemsinglecomponent.cpp
  •   /skycomponents/starcomponent.cpp
  •   /tools/altvstime.cpp
  •   /tools/modcalcaltaz.cpp
  •   /tools/modcalcangdist.cpp
  •   /tools/modcalcapcoord.cpp
  •   /tools/modcalcgalcoord.cpp
  •   /tools/modcalcvlsr.cpp
  •   /tools/scriptbuilder.cpp
24 files changed in total