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Features in Office

Tomas Mecir committed changes in /trunk/koffice/kspread:

Floating-point values are now stored using the Number class, not doubles.
Only minimal changes were done to make everything work, all computations are still done using ValueCalc.

This is one of the steps on the way towards having high-precision computing support in KSpread. And faster formula evaluation too.

There is a temporary function in the code, called numToDouble. All places that now call this function (mostly places that convert numbers to strings and such) must be converted somehow - until this is done, high-precision support won't be implementable.

I hope this commit doesn't break things ... too much.

File Changes

Modified 30 files
  • /trunk/koffice/kspread
  •   /Cell.cpp
  •   /Condition.cpp
  •   /Formula.cpp
  •   /Number.cpp
  •   /Number.h
  •   /Util.cpp
  •   /Validity.cpp
  •   /Value.cpp
  •   /Value.h
  •   /ValueCalc.cpp
  •   /ValueCalc.h
  •   /ValueConverter.cpp
  •   /ValueConverter.h
  •   /ValueFormatter.cpp
  •   /ValueFormatter.h
  •   /ValueParser.cpp
  •   /ValueParser.h
  •   /chart/TableModel.cpp
  •   /commands/AutoFillCommand.cpp
  •   /commands/DataManipulators.cpp
  •   /commands/RowColumnManipulators.cpp
  •   /dialogs/GoalSeekDialog.cpp
  •   /functions/engineering.cpp
  •   /functions/financial.cpp
  •   /functions/math.cpp
  •   /functions/statistical.cpp
  •   /functions/text.cpp
  •   /interfaces/SheetAdaptor.cpp
  •   /ui/CellView.cpp
  •   /plugins/scripting/ScriptingReader.h
30 files changed in total