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Features in Networking Tools

Joris Guisson committed changes in /branches/extragear/kde3/network/ktorrent:

Changes :
- Add support for the --disable-builtin-country-flags configure parameter. It allows to skip installation of ktorrent builtin country flags. In addition, the patch adds support for the "flag database" that lets ktorrent get country flag images from more than one filesystem source transparently and caches images in memory. It also adds additional (and the only for the debian package) source - flag images shipped with kdebase. (Patch from Modax)
- Cache peer address in Socket, to avoid to many calls to getpeername
- Replaced several calls to Now() by GetCurrentTime(), the last one is cached so this avoids calls to gettimeofday

File Changes

Added 2 files
  • /branches/extragear/kde3/network/ktorrent/plugins/infowidget
  •   /flagdb.cpp
  •   /flagdb.h
Modified 10 files
  • /branches/extragear/kde3/network/ktorrent
  •   /
  •   /ktorrent.kdevelop
  •   /
  •   /apps/ktorrent/main.cpp
  •   /libktorrent/net/socket.cpp
  •   /libktorrent/net/socket.h
  •   /libktorrent/torrent/torrentcontrol.cpp
  •   /plugins/infowidget/
  •   /plugins/infowidget/peerview.cpp
  •   /plugins/infowidget/geoip/
12 files changed in total