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Features in Networking Tools

Gustavo P. Boiko committed changes in /branches/work/kopete/identity_refactory:

Add the concept of Default Identity. This identity is the one that will be used when accounts do not have a valid identity associated to them, and in other cases in which it fits

File Changes

Modified 8 files
  • /branches/work/kopete/identity_refactory
  •   /libkopete/kopeteaccount.cpp
  •   /libkopete/kopeteidentity.cpp
  •   /libkopete/kopeteidentitymanager.cpp
  •   /libkopete/kopeteidentitymanager.h
  •   /kopete/identity/identitydialog.cpp
  •   /kopete/config/identities/kopeteidentityconfig.cpp
  •   /kopete/config/identities/kopeteidentityconfig.h
  •   /kopete/config/identities/kopeteidentityconfigbase.ui
8 files changed in total