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Emanuele Tamponi committed changes in /trunk/koffice/krita/plugins/viewplugins/painterlymixer:

I introduced another algorithm. It's not yet finished (nor working) because I needed some more data. But probably it will be the one that rules them all. It will support:
- Selection of illuminant (because different light means different colors).
- Selection of precision (basing on the computational power, it will chose less or more "reflectivity wavelenghts" to compute).
- *All* visible colors (thanks to the XYZ colorspace).
It will use Kubelka Munk so we are using together the most powerful academic tools.
Stay tuned...

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  • /trunk/koffice/krita/plugins/viewplugins/painterlymixer
  •   /mixertool.cpp
  •   /utilities.cpp
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