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Mickael Marchand committed changes in /branches/work/kconfig_sql:

so we have a (as suggested by ossi in June) KConfigFileBackend in order to make KConfigBackend less "file" dependent.
KConfigINI now inherits KConfigFileBackend

I have also changed some functions names to match a more generic concept of namespaces instead of pure "files" (this still is not really great since KConfig is used to open files by full path name apparently -think of icon theme configuration file for example-)

KConfig also has a setFilePermission function that needs to be removed (was does FilePermissions means for a DB ?) (not used anywhere in KDE)

probably lots of other stuff I forgot, but you'll find your way in the code ;)

and, the SQL backend, just a basic sqlite one for now (not even checking for locks/nb of connexions/... etc)

till now, I was able to get kconfigtest to success all tests with the DB backend, and was able to run kwrite, modifying options etc

there are stills major things to fix :)
feel free to comment and help

File Changes

Added 4 files
  • /branches/work/kconfig_sql
  •   /kconfigfilebackend.cpp
  •   /kconfigfilebackend.h
  •   /kconfigsql.cpp
  •   /kconfigsql.h
Modified 9 files
  • /branches/work/kconfig_sql
  •   /kconfig.cpp
  •   /kconfigbackend.cpp
  •   /kconfigbackend.h
  •   /kconfigbase.cpp
  •   /kconfigbase.h
  •   /kconfigini.cpp
  •   /kconfigini.h
  •   /kdesktopfile.cpp
  •   /ksharedconfig.cpp
13 files changed in total