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Thiago Macieira committed changes in /trunk/qt-copy/patches:

Add the issue numbers for those that I could find. Where I left "none", it means I cannot find the issue in the task tracker, which means Trolltech doesn't know about the issue at all. At least, the changes are not applied in the Qt tree.

Trolltech does not monitor qt-copy/patches.

File Changes

Modified 7 files
  • /trunk/qt-copy/patches
  •   /0163-fix-gcc43-support.diff
  •   /0184-dlopen-defaults-to-local.diff
  •   /0185-fix-format-strings.diff
  •   /0186-fix-component-alpha-text.diff
  •   /0187-fix-font-fixed-pitch.diff
  •   /0188-fix-moc-parser-same-name-header.diff
  •   /0189-fix-q3toolbar-qcombobox-signal-slot.diff
7 files changed in total