Revision 721699

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Bug Fixes in KDE-PIM

Thomas McGuire committed changes in /trunk/KDE/kdepim/kmail:

Fix some of problems with favorite folder view:

- fix icons
- fix i18n
- fix signal/slot (probably some more to do)
- fix deprecated calls
- increase rc version number so actions show up
- fix some other warnings

Still not fixed:
- total freeze after changing the view's visibility in the config
- the names of the folders don't show up (only after renaming)
- the tooltips don't work (and probably more)

Why was this commited at all? We are in feature freeze, specially to avoid wasting time fixing broken new features.

File Changes

Modified 5 files
  • /trunk/KDE/kdepim/kmail
  •   /favoritefolderview.cpp
  •   /foldertreebase.cpp
  •   /kmail_part.rc
  •   /kmfoldertree.cpp
  •   /kmmainwin.rc
5 files changed in total