Revision 725907

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Bug Fixes in Networking Tools

David Faure committed changes in /trunk/KDE:

Rename default emoticons theme from Default to kde4.
Existing config files can still say "Default", the code interprets that as "kde4".
Found emoticons in use in kopete and kpimutils (for e.g. kmail); no kde4-konversation yet.

File Changes

Modified 6 files
  • /trunk/KDE
  •   /kdepimlibs/kpimutils/linklocator.cpp
  •   /kdenetwork/kopete/libkopete/kopeteappearancesettings.kcfg
  •   /kdebase/runtime/pics/emoticons/CMakeLists.txt
  •   /kdenetwork/kopete/libkopete/private/kopeteemoticons.cpp
  •   /kdenetwork/kopete/libkopete/tests/kopeteemoticontest.cpp
  •   /kdenetwork/kopete/libkopete/tests/kopetetask_test.cpp
6 files changed in total