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Features in Graphics

Marcel Wiesweg committed changes in /trunk/extragear/libs/libkexiv2/libkexiv2:

Merge changes to get information for new database schema in digikam:

- split up in getGPSLatitudeNumber, getGPSLongitudeNumber, getGPSAltitude
- add checks that the denominator is not (I have one RAW image here, KODAK-DCSPRO.DCR, where invalid info with denominator 0 is returned. In any case, 1/0 is not 0)
- add getGPSLatitudeString, getGPSLongitudeString to get XMP-like GPS strings
- add a setGPSInfo method which takes the XMP-style strings
- add methods to convert from/to XMP-style string format
- add a method to convert to user-displayable numbers (in ° ' '' between 0 and 60)

- add getDigitizationDateTime

- add getXmpTagVariant to get an XMP tag value as a QVariant (similar to getExifTagVariant, but with support for LangAlt etc.)

File Changes

Modified 5 files
  • /trunk/extragear/libs/libkexiv2/libkexiv2
  •   /kexiv2.h
  •   /kexiv2exif.cpp
  •   /kexiv2gps.cpp
  •   /kexiv2image.cpp
  •   /kexiv2xmp.cpp
5 files changed in total