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Features in Multimedia

Sebastian Trueg committed changes in /branches/stable/extragear/multimedia/k3b:

Allow the burning of files bigger than 4 GB with an appropriate genisoimage or mkisofs version.

Do only reload before verification if necessary.

File Changes

Modified 6 files
  • /branches/stable/extragear/multimedia/k3b
  •   /ChangeLog
  •   /libk3b/core/k3bdefaultexternalprograms.cpp
  •   /libk3b/jobs/k3bverificationjob.cpp
  •   /libk3b/projects/k3bgrowisofswriter.cpp
  •   /src/projects/k3bdataurladdingdialog.cpp
  •   /src/projects/k3bdataview.cpp
6 files changed in total