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Features in Development Tools

Hamish Rodda committed changes in /trunk/KDE/kdevplatform:

Switch icon loading to an internal cache, until KIconLoader gets fixed to cache images outside of the normal icon tree, or our icons get moved inside of the tree

Start to prevent showing of duplicates in the class model (looks like I will need similar functionality to the code completion stuff to properly merge it all though)

Start adding capability to restrict model - only filter current document implemented at the moment

File Changes

Modified 7 files
  • /trunk/KDE/kdevplatform
  •   /language/duchain/duchainutils.cpp
  •   /language/duchain/duchainutils.h
  •   /plugins/classbrowser/classbrowserpart.cpp
  •   /plugins/classbrowser/classmodel.cpp
  •   /plugins/classbrowser/classmodel.h
  •   /plugins/classbrowser/classtree.cpp
  •   /plugins/classbrowser/classtree.h
7 files changed in total