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Andreas Hartmetz committed changes in /branches/work/newssl/kdelibs:

This is a snapshot of work in progress. Its purpose is to save and publish the work done so far. KSSLInfoDialog does not compile at the moment which is expected.

File Changes

Modified 12 files
  • /branches/work/newssl/kdelibs
  •   /khtml/khtml_part.cpp
  •   /khtml/khtmlpart_p.h
  •   /kdecore/network/ktcpsocket.cpp
  •   /kdecore/network/ktcpsocket.h
  •   /kio/kio/slaveinterface.cpp
  •   /kio/kio/slaveinterface.h
  •   /kio/kio/tcpslavebase.cpp
  •   /kio/kio/tcpslavebase.h
  •   /kio/kssl/ksslcertificatecache.cpp
  •   /kio/kssl/ksslinfodialog.cpp
  •   /kio/kssl/ksslinfodialog.h
  •   /kioslave/http/http.cpp
12 files changed in total