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Features in Educational

Frederik Gladhorn committed changes in /branches/work/kdeedu_parley:

Start a drag and drop implemntation for the lesson model/view.

Moving lessons around works, adding them as child has a tendency to add the first instead of the selected lesson. Probably trivial.

Lots of cleanup.
WordType class has now always WordType as type, the special types are handled in the class by a function.

File Changes

Modified 14 files
  • /branches/work/kdeedu_parley
  •   /libkdeedu/keduvocdocument/keduvoccontainer.cpp
  •   /libkdeedu/keduvocdocument/keduvoccontainer.h
  •   /libkdeedu/keduvocdocument/keduvocdocument.cpp
  •   /libkdeedu/keduvocdocument/keduvockvtml2reader.cpp
  •   /libkdeedu/keduvocdocument/keduvockvtml2writer.cpp
  •   /libkdeedu/keduvocdocument/keduvoclesson.cpp
  •   /libkdeedu/keduvocdocument/keduvocwordtype.cpp
  •   /libkdeedu/keduvocdocument/keduvocwordtype.h
  •   /parley/src/parley.cpp
  •   /parley/src/entry-dialogs/comparisonwidget.cpp
  •   /parley/src/vocabulary/lessonmodel.cpp
  •   /parley/src/vocabulary/lessonmodel.h
  •   /parley/src/vocabulary/lessonview.cpp
  •   /parley/src/vocabulary/vocabularyview.cpp
14 files changed in total