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Patrick Spendrin committed changes in /trunk/kdesupport/kdewin-installer:

adding kdewin-menubuilder: This program is for internal use only. Integration into windows and kdewin-installer will follow. See kdewin-menubuilder --help for help.

The menubuilder isn't ready yet, I am still searching for a solution about the Categories (maybe I can use them for the folder structure?).

File Changes

Added 3 files
  • /trunk/kdesupport/kdewin-installer/menubuilder
  •   /CMakeLists.txt
  •   /main.cpp
Modified 3 files
  • /trunk/kdesupport/kdewin-installer
  •   /CMakeLists.txt
  •   /shared/misc.cpp
  •   /shared/misc.h
6 files changed in total